Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity is a mission and it is given by Cesar Vialpando. It is unlocked after completing Deconstruction.

Here aim is to take photographs of 4 persons who are turning up for a meeting in Angel Pine area. To complete this mission, you have to take snaphots properly with your camera while playing the video game.

Photo Opportunity Walk-through

During the cut scene  you get a call from Cesar who has been tracking cars which deal in drugs and he wants you (Carl Johnson) to come along. You have to do follows below steps in the Photo Opportunity challenge:

  • Take a Car and meet Cesar whose position is shown on your San Andreas map. He is near Blueberry area.
  • After reaching, get into Cesar's car and drive to a new location which is Angel Pine.
  • Then get up on a roof and stand in the red circled position. There you will have a Camera.
  • You will have to then capture faces of 4 persons properly. First of those 4 is Ryder.
  • Finally, a cut scene starts and it is the end of  Photo Opportunity mission of video game.
Video Walkthrough

You'll fail if:
  • You die.
  • You kill Cesar Vialpando.
  • You do not take photographs properly with your Camera while playing the video game.
Reward of  is respect increase. You'll get no money for playing this mission. Here ends the walk-through of Photo Opportunity.


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