Air Raid

Air Raid is the first mission given to Carl Johnson by Zero from his 'Zero RC' shop in San Fierro. Reward is $3000. This task will unlock 'Supply Lines'.

Main objective of this challenge is to destroy all the RC Baron (remote-controlled small aeroplanes) which come to attack transmitters which are present on roof of Zero's shop. You will be provided with a mini-gun.
You'll have to eliminate all RC Barons which come to destroy transmitters in 3 minutes.

You will fail the challenge if RC Barons in the Air Raid destroy Zero's transmitters.

Air Raid Mission Summary
Remote Controlled RC Baron
  • First mission  given to Carl Johnson (CJ).
  • After a small cut scene, you will automatically have a mini-gun and with that you have to take down all RC Barons in air.
  • These RC Barons (small aeroplanes) are remote controlled by Berkley who is an enemy of Zero (CJ's friend).
  • Timer of 3 minutes will start on your gaming screen. In that 3 minutes, the RC must not destroy your transmitters. 
  • If they  destroy your transmitters then you will fail the game mission.
  • If you survive 3 minutes then you will clear out the game challenge.
Air Raid Mission Cheats
  • There are no specific cheats which will help you in this task.
  • Also, it is a simple task in the game. So, you will not need cheats at all.
  1. Money of $3000
  2. Unlocks 'Supply Lines' which is next task in GTA SA.

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  1. It's difficult to complete this Air Raid mission of GTA San Andreas.