Wear Flowers in your Hair

'Wear Flowers in you Hair' challenge is very simple. you have got nothing to do. The only thing you need to complete this challenge is to drive car. Drive car during Wear Flowers in your Hair mission and collect 3 people named Jethro, Dwaine and Zero to complete this video game challenge.

How to complete Wear Flowers in your Hair?
  • After cut scene, get inside the car and get to a location marked in map.
  • Collect Jethro there who works at Xoomer gas station in Eastern Basin.
  • Then recruit Dwaine whom you will get at a location marked in map.
  • After this, you final step is to recruit a guy who is expert in electronics and his name is Zero.
  • After meeting all 3, drive your car back to Doherty Garage which is your saving point.

  • You will unlock next mission of GTA San Andreas named 555 We Tip. 
  • Also, you will get a call from Zero (electronics guy) who will inform you about selling of his shop.
Its finished!


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