Supply Lines: Mission, Cheat and Help

Supply Lines is unlocked after completing Air Raid. It is given by Zero from his shop to Carl Johnson in San Fierro. Read the whole article if you want to complete this mission.

It is one of the toughest challenge.

It is to destroy 5 delivery vehicles, using a remote-controlled miniature plane, before they complete their tasks. This is done so as to bring down mail delivery business of Berkeley who is an enemy of Zero in the video game story.

Supply Lines Walk through

  • After the cut scene, you are given a small plane to destroy 5 vehicles. Tough thing is that you have limited fuel. 
  • Immediately check your map and follow the 2 nearest vehicles of Berkeley to your North.
  • Destroy them using machine guns fitted in your plane.
  • Note that you have to follow nearest vehicle after carefully looking at the map as you have limited fuel and also you have to get back to the roof.
  • If you destroy all 5 vehicles without ending your fuel then you will complete  Supply Lines.
Note: Very Important
  • If your fuel ends before completing the task then you will fail  Supply Lines.
  • It is one of the toughest challenge. Also, it involves handling a plane. It's difficult to complete. Don't worry as no one is able to complete this easily.
  • You will need little bit practice for this. After playing this few times, you will get your hand at driving the plane. And thus, you can complete it in GTA SA video game easily.

Supply Lines Cheat

  • There is no cheat with which you can complete this missions easily.
  • Nor will any game cheat is going to help you.
  • As said above, you will have to do a little bit practice by playing it few times.
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