Deconstruction is unlocked after completing 555 We tip. This is triggered when some construction workers insult Kendl (sister of Carl Johnson).

This mission can be played from your Doherty Garage in San Fierro. And your target is the construction firm which is just behind the Doherty Garage.

Things to do:
  • After cut scene ends, go to your target marked in your video game map.
  • Take a bulldozer to destroy all the portables of the company whose workers insulted Kendl.
  • When you start driving bulldozer, which you will get nearby, timer of 3 minutes will start.
  • In 3 minutes, destroy all the portables by hitting them with speed. Don't hit explosives kept around.
  • Foreman of the firm is present in a mobile toilet. So, push that toilet in a ditch and then bury him under concrete. 
Do above steps during the game-play and you will complete this challenge easily. While playing the video game, you will be guided on your screen for above steps. Only tricky part is the time limit which is of 3 minutes.

Car Johnson will not get any money for completing this mission. 

Important Tip:
  • You can destroy some of the portables by hitting at the explosives kept near them. Remember, to shoot at the explosives and not to hit. Otherwise, you will fail the mission.
Video Walkthrough


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