Mountain Cloud Boys - Save Wuzi

Mountain Cloud Boys is a mission which can be played after Jizzy (name of mission). A man named Wuzi gives it and he meets Carl Johnson for the first time at his place. In this, you have to protect Wuzi from the attack of another gang. And after eliminating all the enemies, escort him safely to his place to finish.

I will give the things to do first and later in this article discuss all other related details. below are the things you have to complete to finish Mountain Cloud Boys and with it I will finish my short walk-through. Check all guides here.
  1. Complete Jizzy and then start this.
  2. After a cut scene, go to a place behind Wuzi's apartment along with him.
  3. Get behind him and follow step by step.
  4. Bunch of men give surprise attack and hence protect him.
  5. Take down all the gangster and then drive him to his place to finish.

Video Walk-through


After finishing 'Jizzy', you become eligible for Mountain Cloud Boys in the game. Visit Chinatown in San Fierro area of San Andreas game and from there you can play it. It is the first one which you play from Wuzi's place. He gives you more tasks after it.

Once you start, it begins with a cut scene in which Carl (YOU) enters a place and asks for Woozie-his friend. He tells everyone that he wants to meet his friend as he works for him. Different men guide him to get to his place. Before meeting, a person informs Carl the Woozie cannot see things and he is visually challenged. He does not believe because last time Carl participated in a race against him.

But the person says that his boss has got unbelievable powers and that his other senses have become stronger. CJ understands and goes upstairs and meets Woozie. He receives an introduction and details of him. Woo tells him that he is a 'Dai Dai Lo' of his gang named Triads.

New Knowledge: In slang Chinese, 'Dai Dai Lo' means 'Big Brother' and it is usually used among gangsters.

Triads is led by him and it is further divided into smaller groups in the game. As a Dai Dai Lo, he settles disputes between smaller groups so that it does not affect their core business.

Then he asks CJ to accompany in a meeting with a Triad group who failed to attend their main meeting caled 'Tong Meeting'. CJ agrees and this begins the Mountain Cloud Boys. After this, you take Woozi to a location shown on map. Once you get there, you will find that everything is destroyed and cars are in flames.

Johnson is curious as to what happened there. But one man survived and he informs you that a Vietnamese gang made a surprise assault and destroyed everything. As soon as he informs, fresh bunch of men attack the place again and this time your friend Wu Zi is in danger.

Kill those gangster before they kill you and your friend. If you die then you fail or if your friend dies then also you fail. Hence before this kind of thing happens, put all enemy to death to finish and unlock next challenge named 'Ran Fa Li' in the game.


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