Ran Fa Li

If you are looking to earn Six thousand Dollars then Ran Fa Li is going to give you that sum. It is challenge which you are going to do for a man named Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, who is a friend of Woozie Mu. The objective is to grab a car from the parking lot of an airport and then park it in a garage belonging to Shuk Fu.

Note: To start you have to first complete Mountain Cloud Boys. Also, to

The car is important to the boss. It contains some courier which is of utmost importance to Mr. Ran Fa Li. And a Vietnamese gang guards it. Without giving much damage to it, protect it from the gangsters and drive it to a garage to finish this task in GTA San Andreas game.

My Tip: To prevent the destruction of the car, don't drive slowly or get out of it and fight with the gangs. Instead, just rip in and drive as fast as you can. If anyone comes in between and drive into him and go ahead. this way you can minimize the damage and finish.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to Finish Ran Fa Li

To finish you have to make sure that you have done below things in GTA San Andreas.
  1. Complete Mountain Cloud Boys successfully and start this from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After a cut scene, visit the airport and pick the car which is parked in the basement. Its location is shown on map with a yellow blip.
  3. Get inside the car and protect it from damaging too much. 
  4. Get it back to a garage and park it. And you are done!


Your reward is that you earn Six thousand Dollars and also some Respect Plus. And you are also eligible to play next one whose name is 'Lure'.

Full Details

It starts with a cut scene of more than one minute. In Woozi Mu's apartment, Carl, Shuk Foo and his assistant and Wu himself are present. This is for the first time in the game that Foo appears. Woozi introduces you him and he appears to talk via his assistant. Because Ran Fa Li only grunts while his assistant decodes his grunts into words. Almighty knows how that assistant decodes. Anyways!

Ran Fa Li conveys through his assistant that he wants a courier which is at the airport. And that is of utmost important. CJ offers to do this task. At this, others are amused and they take him lightly. they think that he can't do this task as other gangs are also on the look out. However, Carl knows his potential and wants to do it. Li agrees and they sent him. Now, it begins.

Reach the basement of the parking lot where a car having courier is parked. You can take any vehicle to reach the airport. You target is shown on the map with a yellow blip. Distance is long and hence you can take jet plane or any car or bike, whatever. Once there, get inside the car and a small scene takes place where you are informed that the place is heavily covered by the Da Nang Boys which is a Vietnamese gang in the game.

They will try to shoot at your car and damage it. However, to successfully finish, you have to maintain it with least damage. Also, a bar on your screen appears which shows how much destruction it has faced. If that bar becomes empty then it explodes and you will fail. However, if you take it undamaged to the garage then you will pass Ran Fa Li.


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