Respect occupies one of the important part when it comes to recruiting gang members. Like Muscle bar, Stamina bar, etc, there is also a respect bar which shows how much of it you have gained in the GTA SA game.

How to Gain Respect?

You can gain it by below ways:
  1. By successfully completing story missions.
  2. Killing cops (police) around you.
  3. Killing other gang members.
  4. By wearing decent clothes from your wardrobes. If you don't have then purchase.
  5. Getting stylish haircuts.
Different clothes and dignity gained:

Haircuts and their effect  in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas:

Max Respect Cheat

You can gain maximum with help of cheats. 
  • For PC, cheat is 'ogxsdag' / 'worshipme'. (Enter without quotes)
  • For PS2, it is L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, X, L1, UP, L2, L2, L1, L1.
  • For Xbox or Xbox 360, it is L Trigger, R Trigger, Y, DOWN, Black, A, L Trigger, UP, White, White, L Trigger, L Trigger.
You will also lose it if you kill your own gang member or lose a territory in the San Andreas.

With more of it, you can recruit more members in your gang during the play. 


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