Yay Ka Boom Boom

Ya Ka Boom Boom is open to play after finishing Toreno's Last Flight and Da Nang Thang. It is also a simple task to do in GTA San Andreas game. It involves planting explosives in a manufacturing company which is owned by Loco Syndicate (Mike Toreno, Jizzy and T Bone). You pass this after planting explosives and also escaping the company compound without dying.

Tip: Once you place the explosives, then escape the factory withing 40 seconds as the timer start. if you don't escape then you will die.

Video Walk-through

Do below things to pass Yay Ka Boom Boom

  1. Pass Da Nang Thang and also Toreno's Last Flight without dying.
  2. Start this one from Doherty garage in San Fierro area of GTA San Andreas game.
  3. After a short video, collect the car planted with timer-bomb.
  4. Drive it and place it inside a factory at a location shown on game map.
  5. Escape outside within 40 seconds or else you will fail.
  6. Then go to main gate and take a car so as to escape the main compound.
  7. Using an inclined surface, drive over it and get to garage to get $25,000 and also pass Yay Ka Boom Boom. I finish simple walkthrough.


This is your last mission in San Fierro area and now you are headed for Desert Missions after this. Also, you are eligible for Bone County, Tierra Robada, Monster and Zeroing In. These four are name of story-challenges. In addition to all these  you get some increase in your respect bar and also twenty Five Thousand Dollars.

Yay Ka Boom Boom Full Story and Details: Walkthrough

After you are finish with the requirements for it, you become eligible to play. And it is also the last one in San Fierro of GTA San Andreas. Woozi Mu appears in it along with Cesar and Carl Johnson (CJ). CJ means you because he is the protagonist and he is led by you and you control it. Now, Yay Ka Boom Boom starts from the garage of CJ. After you start it by walking in the red cylindrical marker, a cut scene begins. In it the above mentioned three people appear and they are busy discussing about the past.

Cesar is happy that they have finally killed Ryder who betrayed them initially. After this, Wuzi enters and he suggests Carl that a factory owned by the enemies is still running. And if he destroys it then the enemy will lose all of their belongings and they will be out of businesses.

All like this idea and after it begins the task. Wuzi has arranged a car which is planted with a timer bomb. Collect it and then park it in your enemy's factory. The on-screen instructions ask you to park it at such a place that the explosion leads to other secondary fires and the target is destroyed completely. After placing it in desired place, the count down begins and you have to get out in 40 seconds or else the explosion will engulf you. If it happens then you fail.

Once done with it, you have to come out of the compound using main gate. But it has been locked by Syndicate's men. Hence, you have to perform some stunts to get out of factory. Using a car standing at the main, drive over an inclined surface and scale the walls. Then go to the garage to pass Yay ka Boom Boom


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