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Is there any cheat on PC, PS2 or Xbox or Xbox360 with help of which all missions will be completed or any code to complete all missions? How can I complete all missions? What is the secret word for completing the whole San Andreas?

Answer: NO. There is no cheat with help of which you can complete all the game at once. So, you need to play each and every part for completing it to 100%. Though there are some codes which will help you but no cheats will complete your any mission.

Q2: What happens to the cheats when I save the game? Or Are they active when I save the game? When I start saved game then will they be active?
A2: When you save and continue playing it without closing the whole game, then your all of them are active. Whereas if you save the game and then close your whole file and again start game on PC, Xbox or PS2 then all of them which were active will be automatically deactivated.

Q3: How to fly car? How to make cars fly? What is the cheat for flying car for PC or Xbox or PS2 or Xbox360?
A3: There is no option given by Rockstar to fly car. But there are no codes with which you can make your car fly with all area of GTA under it. There are several of them for flying cars on different platforms like PC. For playing on PC, it is RIPAZHA. For Xbox, it is X, Black, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, White, AFor PS2, it is Square, Down, L2, Up, L1, Circle, Up, X, Left.

Q3: How to become fireproof? What is  the cheat for becoming fireproof in GTA SA?
A3: No secret code is there for making Carl Johnson fireproof. However, you can become fireproof by completing all the 12 levels of firefighter mission.

Q4: Who is Sweet Johnson? What is his relationship with Carl Johnson in GTA SA?
A4: Sweet is a character in SA and he is Carl Johnson's elder brother. He is the head of Grove Street Gang.

Q5: Who is OG Loc in GTA SA? And which mission does OG Loc give to Carl Johnson?
A5: OG Loc is a character who is associated with the Grove Street Family. His real name is Jeffrey Cross but he prefers to be called OG Loc. He loves rapping and also wants to be a famed rapper.
He is also responsible for giving some missions to CJ. They are 'Life's a Beach', 'Madd Dogg's Rhymes', 'Management Issues' and 'House Party'. He makes his entry in mission called "OG Loc". He makes an appearance in 'Cut Throat Business'.

Q6: How to fly Carl Johnson  in air? What is cheat for flying in air?
A6: You can't fly CJ in air. And also there is no code with which you can make CJ fly. However, you can fly in air with help of JetPack and other jet planes or helicopters.

Question:  How to activate codes in GTA San Andreas? How to put cheats?
Answer: To activate it in GTA, you just simply type that on keyboard without pausing. If it is activated then you can see a message on top left hand side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". However, if you type it incorrectly then you can't see any message on your screen regarding its activation.

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