Fly a Hydra Jet or Jet Plane (PC,Xbox & PS2)

How To Fly A Hydra Jet in GTA San Andreas game? Is this the question in your mind? Your answer lies in reading the whole article below!
How to Fly Jet Plane?
  • Take off the jet with UP arrow button.
  • Use + for retracting the landing wheels. And also for extending it while landing.
  • Use 8 for speeding and 2 for decreasing the speed.
  • Use Q and E for rotating the jet.
  • For landing the plane extend the landing wheels and press DOWN arrow button.
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You can get the Hydra Jet at the Aircraft Carrier in San Fierro in the game or in the 'Restricted Area' of Las Ventura. The moment you steal it from the restricted area your wanted level rises by 5 stars.

Always remember to land the jet on plane surfaces in the game. If in any case you want to exit the Hydra Jet during flight then jump out by pressing enter. And have a parachute with you in the game.
Flying Hydra Jet on Xbox or a PS2:
  • Enter by pressing Δ:Y
  • Use the left analog stick to control the Jet. And reach an altitude where there is no obstacle.
  • Use R3 to extend the landing wheels. Move R stick forward to accelerate. 
  • And move towards yourself the R stick to decelerate.


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