How To Drive A Car?

Is the title of this post question in your mind? Well! This question is not asked by many. However, some people do ask who play the game for the first time that how to drive a car in GTA San Andreas game. Therefore, let us see in this post, the basics of driving like braking, drifting, hopping of a car.

First of all, you can get a car in the game in many ways. One of the popular gangster style is to stop any car running on streets of Los Santos, Badland, etc and snatch it away by pressing the ENTER button on your keyboard. When you press ENTER near a car or any vehicle in grand theft auto, what happens is Carl Johnson or CJ opens the door of the car and pulls out the driver of the car outside and then he himself sits and shuts the door. And thus is the car ready for you to drive. So, let us look how to drive that car. Basically that's pretty and most simple.

For driving car in San Andreas, you need to use four arrow buttons on your keyboard which are UP, Down, Left and RIGHT!

  • UP=         ↑   = Accelerate the car
  • DOWN=   ↓   = Decelerate or braking the car or taking reverse
  • LEFT=     ←  = Taking left turn
  • RIGHT=   →  = Taking right turn

In san  andreas game, UP is used to accelerate the car. DOWN is used for braking the car or decelerating. LEFT for  taking left turn and RIGHT for taking right turn. So, use the combination of these four buttons while driving the car according to the path. If you are playing san nadreas for first time then you will not be able to drive perfectly. More practice of 2-3 times will make you a pro in driving car. Practice makes man perfect!

These are the standard controls for driving any car in any game. You can change controls from settings. But it should be noticed that it is easiest and convenient to drive a car with arrow buttons only.

You can also use SPACE BAR for braking the car. This button is for pulling hand-brake of the car.


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