High Stakes Low Rider Mission: Help, Video and Tips

High Stakes Low Rider is unlocked after completing the Cesar Vialpando mission. Directly, we will see how to easily complete it.

To win it, player (Carl Johnson) has to come first in racing. If you come second, third, or in any other position then you will fail. So, to complete, win the race and be on top position. :)

The important thing is that you need to have a low rider car. And it would be better if you have your Low-rider equipped with Nitro so that you can have greater speed while racing with your competitors. In this challenge, traffic is little more when compared to normal. So, beware! Or you can use cheats to get rid of traffic wholly. For making this challenge easy with cheats, I have discussed that thing in below paragraph. It starts with a cut scene in which Carl Johnson has a little discussion with Cesar Vialpando.

After the cut scene, follow Cesar to the racing point and stop your car in the red marker. Then the countdown starts. Start racing and don't make a rush. If you are playing this for first time then you will face little difficulty. Play it 2-3 times so as to make yourself used to the racing-route of High Stakes Low Rider. After this, you can easily complete it.

Cheats for High Stakes Low Rider

Some cheats will help you to make it easier but not easiest. GTA carries the maximum entertainment without it. But with it, its quite simpler to complete. Anyways. Before starting the High Stakes Low Rider, first of all, use the code-word for reducing traffic in GTA San Andreas. Because a good amount of traffic is thrown to make this racing challenge difficult. For reducing traffic, it is GHOSTTOWN. It reduces the traffic to almost 1-2 cars on roads. Slowing your game play can help you sometimes.

Maybe many of you may have experienced that slow game-play helps to increase accuracy of your game.You can reduce speed of your game and this will help you to avoid making collision with walls, trees, etc and in turn save your time. Also, you can make sharp turns in slower gameplay which you can't in normal speed because the car drifts away. There are two cheats for slower Game play and they are SLOWITDOWN and LIYOAAY. You can use either of them.

If your car happens to catch fire then use HESOYAM  for extinguishing the fire. Rarely, the car catches fire. But it will if you have too much collision.
To summarise:
  • With GHOSTTOWN you can reduce traffic.
  • SLOWITDOWN or LIYOAAY helps to reduce the speed of game.
  • For repairing the car or extinguishing the fire, use HESOYAM
Win the race. Come in first position and then you can complete.  Also, it is the last mission given by the character Cesar Vialpando.

If you are first then...

Money Earned -- $1000

Video Walkthrough in HD with English Subtitles.


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