Photos, Images or Screenshots

Did you ever feel to browse a gallery containing photos from GTA San Andreas game? Then, here, I am very much glad to present you a whole new page dedicated to only images or what is also called as screenshot. Below is I think very huge album containing only images. 

Have a look! Please be patient as the page will take time to load.

Carl Johnson in action on bicycle

CJ shooting

Jetpack in GTA

Sweet johnson and a girl

OG Loc at workplace as Hygiene Technician

Big Smoke hitting gangster

Carl during Just Business

Carl and Smoke on bike during Just Business

House to be robbed in Home Invasion

Colonel Fuhrberger

Ryder, Tenpenny and CJ

Ryder in Robbing Uncle Sam


Crates to be robbed


OG and CJ

Stealth killing photo

Don't remember!

OG in without shirts!

Screenshot of Loc rapping

Taking down enemies screenshot

Spray Tags map

Jimmy, Tenpenny and other officer image.

Frank Tenpenny

Denise Robinson

House to be attacked

Spraying to put off fire

Police car image

Death of Frank Tenpenny 

Johnson House

Police Bike

Jet Plane

OG Loc rap.


Cesar vialpando and protagonist

Full map.



Grove Street Gang

Add caption

RC Goblin


Airplane in GTA

Mike Toreno during a mission

Carl Johnson profile pic

Dashing protagonist

Mike, T Bone Mendez and CJ

Hunter Helicopter


Police Maverick


Sea Sparrow


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