How to Use Parachute on PC, PS2 and Xbox

Lately, I have seen many of our hardcore gamer that they are looking for a guide on how to use parachute. Many forums were flooded with these related queries and yet there was not even a single brief walk through which could explain how to fly or remain in air and operate it in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game and hence I came up with this article!

Before spawning it , you are in state of free-fall. You should learn controls for how to glide in air during free-fall. Check Spawn Parachute Cheat.

How to use Parachute on PC (Computer)?

  1. During free-fall, use UP arrow button to dive forward and DOWN arrow button to slow the speed of your fall. 
  2. During the fall, use LEFT and RIGHT to rotate.
  3. Press Left Mouse Button (LMB) to open the parachute. 
  4. When it is open then controls change slightly. Use DOWN for moving forward, UP to decrease speed, LEFT to move right ways and RIGHT to move left ways.

How to Use on Xbox or 360?

  1. During free-fall, use left thumb-stick  to dive forward and push it down to decrease the speed of free-fall. Push the thumb stick left and right to rotate.
  2. Press button B to open it on your Xbox controller.
  3. Once open, use left thumb stick to move forward with your legs lifted and bend!

How to use on PS2 (PlayStation 2)?

  1. Press R and L buttons to move forward.
  2. Press CIRCLE button on your PS2 controller to open it.
  3. Use R and L buttons to move forward.


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