How to Win Chilliad Challenge

What is Chiliad Challenge?. You may have seen that apart from story missions, there are side-missions like Spray tags, collect horseshoes, take snapshots, etc. One of these side-challenges is Chiliad mission.
Chiliad Location

How to Win Chiliad  in GTA San Andreas?
According to me, there are 4 ways to win this and they are listed below:

  1. First way is the honest way to complete Chiliad. Pass through the checkpoints in time and ahead of other racers. And reach the finish line first.
  2. This one is a secret or you can call it a trick. Anyways! Have a sniper rifle for this. When you are about to reach the final line, then step down from your bike and using the sniper kill all the racers who have reached before you. Knock all of them and then get on your bike and cross the finish line. Hurray! You are the winner.
  3. Last way is you can use grenades on your competitors and kill them. You are alone now! Pass through checkpoints carefully to win.
  4. This final trick to pass the challenge is not yet known to me and YOU BETTER KNOW IT. So, use the comment form at the end and submit your trick to complete.
Why it is important to win?
If you are desperate to complete 100% of the game then you have to win. Else, it's up to you to whether try this or not.

There are 3 levels and their names are:
  1. Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route
  2. Birdseye Winder
  3. Cobra Run
To win any of the above levels, above 4 ways can be used.

Chiliad Requirements:
You must have passed The Green Sabre. You should have at least 40 percent of cycling skill which can be seen from your stats section.

When can you play this?
You can start this only between 7:00-18:00 of game time. You can change your video game time so as to reach 7:00. You get only two turns to attempt per day. So, if you have your both attempts then wait for next day to play Chiliad.

Other Details:
On Mount Chiliad lies the starting point. There is a flat area on the top of the mountain. The route of the race in the challenge is very dangerous. Carl Johnson is very much prone to fall off the mountain. Hence, you need a parachute to save your life. Some part of the route is fenced to prevent your fall but remaining parts are not done so. Be careful and protect yourself!

Easy Win Video

Win Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route Video Walkthrough

Win Birdseye Winder Video Walkthrough

Win Cobra Run Video 


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