Lifes A Beach

You can play ''Life's a Beach'' only when you have completed OG Loc.

Aim of  ''Lifes a Beach'' is to steal sound system from a Beach Party going in Santa Maria. Therefore, after reaching there, look for the sound system (which is kept in van) which is operated by a female DJ in the game. Remember that, you need to impress her so as to able to steal the van and thus complete Life's a Beach in the  GTA game. So, walk into the red marker in front of van to talk with her.

 Reply positively to her for dancing by pressing "Y" on keyboard.  Have a dance with her and then only you will be able to steal the van which has sound system. And to impress her during dance in the game, you have to get more than 4000 points. Getting points for dancing is similar like you did in Cesar Vialpando.  There will be some small arrows moving on bottom of your screen during this ''Life's a Beach'' challenge and they will pass through a small circle. What you need to do is, you have to press the corresponding button on your keyboard for arrows in the game.

 E:g. On computer, press 4 for "← ". Similarly, press 8 on NUMPAD for . For ↓, press 2. And for →, press 6. If you have more than 4000 points, then you steal this van and put it in the garage located in "Commerce" for OG Loc. It is complete and now you can save game.

Lifes a Beach Walkthrough:

This is the first challenge given by OG Loc to Carl Johnson in Grand Theft San Andreas from his working place which is a burger shop in Marina. You can start by walking into the red marker. You can reach this red marker by going to ''OG" icon on your mini-map. 

Beach Party in progress
In cut scene, which follows when you walk into the red marker, you will see: CJ tells OG Loc that he is looking real technical. OG tells Carl that he is putting a listening party for his album and needs a sound system. CJ says he don't want to come to party. OG tells him that when he will start playing then everyone will come to party. Then CJ explains that he has left this rapping and all and now he is a gangster. But CJ loves rap if it rhymes well. Then CJ asks what OG wants him to steal. Then finally, OG tells him that he has seen a sound system heading to a Santa Maria for a beach party. And so, now CJ is preparing to steal that system from Beach Party which is the aim of Lifes a Beach mission. 

You're back in game. Go to the beach. Your destination, as usual, will be marked on your mini-map as yellow blip. After reaching there, you will see a red marker in front of a van which you have to steal. Around the van a party will be going on. Remember that, don't shoot at the party as it will be disturbed and you will fail ''Lifes a Beach'' Mission of GTA SA. You can't steal the van without talking with DJ and impressing her with your dance. Talk with her and reply positively and start dancing.

You have to earn more than 4000 points. To earn points, you will have to press correct button for arrows when they reach center of small circle located at bottom of your screen.  

How To Dance For earning points during Lifes a Beach?
If arrow on screen is pointing upwards then press 8 from numeric pad. For arrow pointing downwards press 2 at time when arrow is in center of the circle. For arrows pointing left, press 4 at time when the arrow is in center of the circle. For arrows pointing right, use 6.  For arrows pointing North-East, use both 8 and 6 at the same time. For arrows pointing North-west, use 8 and 4 simultaneously and for arrow in South-east direction, press 6 and 2 at same time. Last, for arrow pointing South-west, use 4 and 2 at the same time.

When dancing ends, if you have more than 4000 points then you can steal the van. Immediately, when dancing ends press ENTER and CJ will then throw the DJ out of the car. Some guys will shoot at you. Don't care as they won't be able to do anything. Take the van to the garage which will be marked on your map. After putting it in the garage, your Life's a Beach Mission is complete. You won't get any money,


Cheat Help For Life's A Beach Mission:

There is no fighting or use of weapons. So, you can complete this mission without a cheat. 

However, while dancing you have to hit the corresponding buttons for arrows at right time. So, you can slow down the game a little bit with help of cheat for increasing the accuracy. 

Game Cheat for Slowing down the game is SLOWITDOWN.  And the cheat for speeding the game is SPEEDITUP.
I hope it helps. Trust me, you can enjoy GTA more without cheats.

After this challenge, "Madd Dogg's Rhymes" has been unlocked.

Life's A Beach Video Walkthrough


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