Amphibious Assault

Here, on this page, you will find Amphibious Assault cheat, walk-through, saved game and required Lung capacity for this mission.

Note: If you do not have required minimum Lung Capacity then you can't play this mission. If you have it then you can play.  Also, there are no cheats for this. Read below for walk through and at the end is the link for  saved game.

This challenge involves planting a bug (defect in the code or routine of a program in computer related systems) on a tanker of Wu's enemy. Thus, after starting it, visit the docks and from there swim through the waters and carefully avoid the guards. Guards will start shooting bullets if they catch a glimpse of you. Evade them and then board the tanker. There, kill all the enemies who block your way.

Finally plant the bug and return to the docks to complete Amphibious Assault mission. For better game play, change the settings and then set the Frame Limiter 'ON'.

Video Walk through

Amphibious Assault Walkthrough

Following are simple steps for finishing the challenge easily:
  1. Get a required level of lung capacity and then start the challenge.
  2. Start the challenge and after a cut scene, visit docks whose location will be marked on your small radar at the bottom left side of screen.
  3. There jump into the sea and swim into the waters and reach the tanker.
  4. While swimming, collect a knife on the way inside water which helps to kill enemies.
  5. During your swim, if killer guards spot you then save yourself as they start shooting.
  6. Reach the tanker and there kill some more enemies and then finally plant your defected programming code.
  7. Come back to the docks and there walk into th cylindrical red marker to complete  Amphibious Assault.
Reward: You get cash money amounting $110000 and also a bit increment in the respect.

Amphibious Assault Cheat for PC, Xbox and PS2

I again announce that there are no cheats to finish a story mission or side-mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. There are certain cheats which ease the difficulty. Here, weapons cheat, which provide weapons, help to murder and blow off the boats.

Save Game: Here are all the saved for different story challenges.

Amphibious Assault Detailed Step-By-Step Walkthrough

In a cut scene, Wu Zi Mu asks Carl about his ability to swim inside water. CJ thinks Wu is making excuse but Wu makes it clear that he wants some one from outside the triads to do a job for him. Also, during the cut scene, Carl Johnson understands that he has to plant a bug belonging to a gang named Da Nand Thang. This is the aim and task of Amphibious Assault.

CJ agrees to do this and then after the scene you have to Visit the docks and its location will be shown on a small radar on your screen. There you will be informed about the boat and it is docked in sea. So, swim upto there. Also, during the swim, Da Nang Thang gangsters attack you. So, save your health from them because if you die then you fail the mission. 

There will be obstacles in your path but also you will be told about alternatives to the obstacles. In between, if enemy boat sees you then begin shooting and hence you may die if you lose too much blood. Dodge the guards and then land on the tanker boat. 

Fight with the enemies there and finally plant the bug and after this return back to docks to finish the Amphibious Assault.

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