Lung Capacity in Amphibious Assault Swimming

Are you stuck in Amphibious Assault? Are you not able to play for not having enough lung capacity (LC)? Then, here in this guide, we will see how much of it is required and also how to attain that amount of it.

Below video will make you understand everything related to the challenge in less than 4 minutes! Do watch it!

The video explains about how you can increase your LC so as to be eligible for Amphibious Assault mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. For those who can't watch the video for any reasons then I will explain the things out.

If you do not have it then you can't play the challenge. For increasing it, you can approach any water body  and jump into it. Then after jumping in the water, practice swimming for some time. You have to practise it till you get a message as "Lung Capacity Upgraded. You can hold breath for longer."

The moment you get above notification, you can play the Amphibious Assault and also finish it. Also, we can't say how much exactly is that capacity required. But you have to keep practising and then you can play the challenge.

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