How To

On this site, we have got plenty of How To guides. On this page, you will find all the articles related to How to in San Andreas video game. So, learn new tricks and short cuts to many things.

How To:

  1. Recruit gang members into your gang
  2. Use Camera
  3. Use fire extinguisher                                      
  4. Have Molotov weapon
  5. Lose wanted level
  6. Drive forklift
  7. Change time
  8. Drive a car
  9. Fly Jet pack
  10. Fly jet plane or hydra plane
  11. Operate Crane
  12. Use Parachute
  13. Win Chiliad challenge
  14. Activate cheats
  15. Defend a territory
  16. Get a bike
  17. Complete Tags
Above quick links may help you. I hope so. 

1) It will teach you the recruitment of people into your group and if you do so then the people will help you during certain missions in the game.

2) Many still don't know the usage of camera. Hence, quick link 2 will make you understand that. Also, it will show you the locations of camera in Grand Theft Auto SA.

3)Before you are caught in a fire, you should learn the operations of a fire extinguishers and also where you can find it.

4) What is a Molotov? With link no. 4, you can learn its usage and also how to get it.

5) If the cops are after you then you need to learn how to get rid of them. This one is going to surely help you out.

6) & 7): Here you find the tips and tricks for changing time and also learn how to drive a forklift in San Andreas.

8) Many folks don't know the controls for car. Hence, here you will find it.

9) If you want to fly in air then you can do so with a jet pack which is easy to operate. Learn its controls and also advantages and disadvantages.

10) You don't know that the fastest means of transport in San Andreas is a Hydra Plane (Jet). If you want to travel from one end to another end of map then you need a jet. And you have to learn its controls.

11 & 12) Get the tricks for operating a crane as well as parachute. Crane is a must during import and export challenge. And parachute is required hen you jump of a plane in air.

13) An easy way to win Chiliad challenge.

14) How to activate you cheats on PC, Xbox or a PS2? All you will find at link 14.

15 and 16) You can find tutorial for defending a territory and obtaining a bike

17) In this last one, you get the guide for completing 100 tags.


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