Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track (CFT) is one of the missions in the game(Home page). Here, on this page you will find its walk through in detail. Also, if you have any questions then do ask me using the comment form below.

Customs Fast Track Mission Summary

This challenge involves stealing a car from docks. In short, you have to visit docks and from there displace a car from cargo ship to port. And then steal that car to your garage in Doherty. After stealing, you have to combat with security guards at the dock and also you have to protect Cesar from guards. If he or you (Carl Johnson) die then you fail CFT.
Crane at the docks

Customs Fast Track Walkthrough

Follow the below Six Steps to complete the challenge:

  1. Go to the docks along with Cesar Vialpando.
  2. There use the crane (Learn using crane) and displace the containers one by one.
  3. He will check the containers and fine the one which has the required car.
  4. After getting the car in third container, exit the dock crane and protect him who is attacked by guards at the docks.
  5. Take down all the guards which come in three groups. Kill them one by one.
  6. After this, take the stolen car and drive to Doherty to finish the challenge.
Above walkthrough is enough to complete Customs Fast Track successfully in Grand Theft Auto. However, let us see CFT in more details.

Carl Johnson is going to play it along with Cesar. It is unlocked after doing Test Drive. It starts with a cut scene which shows Carl, Cesar and Kendl. Carl and Cesar are busy repairing a car when a friend of Cesar comes to meet him. A friend of friend of him works at docks and he saw a car loaded in a container. The car is on wishlist of a customer. Carl and he decide to steal this car for the customer and thus earn money. CJ finds this business of stealing and selling as a good source of money to earn a living in San Fierro.

Both drive to the docks and there Carl uses a crane to check displace three containers from ship to port and then Cesar check them for the car. In third container, they find it and start to leave. Guards attack him and CJ comes to save him. After saving him, both drive to their garage to end the CFT of GTA San Andreas game.


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