After killing the Russian arms dealer during Gray Imports, you have now unlocked the Doberman mission. Let us look into it with great and comprehensive details.

Doberman: Walkthrough (WIKI)
After completing the Gray Imports, you (Carl Johnson) will get a phone call from Sweet Johnson who asks you to get some guns from Ammu-Nation and head for Glen Park. Now go to Ammu-Nation which will be marked on  map and then walk into the red marker.

You will be shown your task which you have to perform so as to complete Doberman. You will be introduced to the Ammu-Nation shop from where you can buy weapons like guns as well as ammunition. Also, you will be shown the Glen Park. It is an are of Los Santos. Also, it is a Ballas territory.

Here comes your task. You must take out the Ballas Gang out of the Glen Park so as to get that territory. For taking them out, you need weapons as you can't beat those Ballas gangsters armed with guns, with your fist fight. So, if you need weapons then buy it from Ammu-Nation shop. Also remember to purchase a armor which is very useful when you face the bullets during the Doberman mission in GTA San Andreas.

After purchasing the required weapons and armors, go to the Ballas territory i.e. Glen Park which is marked as purple on your map. Now comes the main part when you reach the Ballas territory. You have to get the Ballas area. For gaining it, you have to fight with them by provoking a gang war. To provoke a gang war on territory marked with purple color, you have to kill a minimum of 3 Ballas gangsters. Make sure you kill 3 during the Doberman. Once a gang war is provoked, the territory will flash in red color.

Thus, see out here and there and after killing 3 Ballas men, you have started a war with Ballas. Now, Ballas will come to defend their territory and thus will attack you in 3 waves. Therefore, protect yourself and survive all the 3 waves. You have to look at your map for tracking the position of your enemies. After you survive the three waves, you will win the Glen Park area and thus it will be now owned by the Grove Street families. Also, Grove Street members can be seen in the Glen Park after you win it. For taking over a territory, you will get respect plus money. Money will appear in Grove Street.

After all this, a small and final job remains. You have flushed the grass out and so kill him when he tries to escape. Few bullets will easily kill that man who comes out running from his house saying: "Tenpenny set me up". Doberman is complete!


Doberman Video Walkthrough


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