Body Harvest: First mission by Truth

Body Harvest mission can be played from countryside and it is give to Carl Johnson by a new character called as 'The Truth'. Main objective is to steal a Combine Harvester for him. 

Combine Harvester which has to be stolen
While stealing it from farm which is run by a group called Survivalists, you can expect some resistance. Get yourself some guns and enough ammo to fight the survivalists during the Body Harvest.

Let us look at this walk through in very short.

For successfully completing, you have to do following things:

  • Unlock Body Harvest by completing First Date mission.
  • Start the mission from Truth's place by following the 'TT' icon on map.
  • After cut scene, go to the Survivalists' farm to steal combine harvester.
  • Locate it and kill all those who oppose you during the game.
  • After stealing, park it at the Truth's farm.
After completing it, Carl Johnson will get a call from Cesar Vialpando who informs that Cesar's life and Kendl's life are in danger in Los Santos. Carl then asks Cesar to leave Los Santos and arrive at Angel Pine area.

Play below video for getting Video Walk through.

Video Walkthrough

You will earn some respect for completing this challenge. And also you'll unlock next mission which is King in Exile.


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