Farewell My Love

Farewell My Love is unlocked after successfully completing Wu Zi Mu in the game of San Andreas. It is given by Cesar Vialpando. This post is useful for all 3 gaming platform like PC, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360.  Like the previous challenge, main objective of this is to win a race. Let us look at the walk through of the below in short.

Important Things to Note: With whateveer vehicle you come to race, you will lose that and it will be replaced by ZR-350 car. This car can reach high speeds very fast while playing the game. So, during the Farewell My Love mission:

  • Drive the car slowly and don't reach high speeds. Maintain a moderate speed and you will easily win.
  • ZR-350 car has very poor handling and can flip or slip easily.
ZR-350 Car
For successfully completing the mission, you have to do below things:
  • Unlock  it in the game by completing Wu Zi Mu.
  • Go to the CV icon on map and start the challenge.
  • After a small cut scene, race will begin and you have to win the race by coming 1st.
  • Once you come first, you win the  Farewell My Love challenge.
  • By completing this challenge, you will unlock Are You Going to San Fierro?
You will fail it if you:
  • Lose the race by not coming 1st.
  • Destroy your racing vehicle.
  • Carl Johnson dies.
There are no cheats with which you can win the race or complete the mission. Only thing is, you have to drive properly and easily. Don't make haste during driving.

Video Walkthrough

With this, you have now last countryside challenge remaining.

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  1. Which challenge is unlocked after this?

  2. You will unlock 'Are You Going to San Fierro?