Now, after completing the 28 Los Santos, you're now in a new place called badlands located at countryside. here, you will get a set of new missions. Very first mission is called Badlands, which is title of this article, which is given by Police Officer Frank Ten-penny of Los Santos police department.

Frank Tenpenny asks you to kill a witness who can expose Tenpenny and thus cost him his job. And also, Tenpenny asks you to bring back proof which will be in form of photo of the dead body.

This is first mission where you will be introduced to Camera.

Things to do are summarized below: Walk through for PC, PS2 and Xbox or Xbox 360
  • To get a camera. (You will get a camera while playing the game)
  • To kill 'witness' before he flees.
  • Take Photo of his dead body to complete.

You can unlock it only after completing Green Sabre. During 'Green Sabre', you come to know the realities of Big Smoke and Ryder. Carl Johnson finds them betraying the Grove Street families.

Now, Tenpenny wants you to kill an ex-police officer who has turned out to be a witness against him. So, he wants you to put the witness to death and also bring back proof like 'photo of his dead body' to make sure he has left this cruel world.

So, take the motor bike and go to the top of Mount Chiliad in Angel Pine. There witness is hiding and the place is heavily guarded by FBI. So, remove all FBI officials and also the target. It may happen that he may escape by car. So, follow the car and kill him.

After killing, return back to your spot which will be marked as yellow blip on map to complete the Badlands challenge of the game.

Video Walkthrough


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