Against All Odds

Against All Odds

In previous two posts, we have covered the 2 related missions which were Tanker Commander and Local Liquor Store which were given by Catalina. So is this Against All Odds mission. Main objective in this challenge given by her is to rob a betting shop located in Montgomery area along with her help!

You can play this mission from Catalina's house or during First Date Mission. Below are the things in short which you have to do in order to complete.

  • Arrive at the betting shop in Montgomery which will be marked on map.
  • Use remote controlled bombs kept in a Satchel to break a room in which cash money is kept.
  • Once you break the doors, then break the safe using satchel again and then collect money.
  • Get out of betting shop. you have got a 4 star wanted Level.
  • Escape from police and SWAT teams and reach back home.
The moment you do above things successfully then you will have completed  Against All Odds challenge given by Catalina the video game of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Note: After robbing the betting shop, you will get 4 star wanted level. So, you need to get rid of wanted level.  Either you can get rid of wanted level by cheats or by going to Pay N Spray shop nearby.

Video Walkthrough

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Details of Against All Odds: Walkthrough for PC, PS2 and Xbox or Xbox 360!

This challenge is given by Catalina from her home.  For completing it you will get a reward of $2000!

Mission will fail if:
  • Carl Johnson dies.
  • She dies.
  • Or Carl Johnson is arrested by police.


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