Small Town Bank: Catalina Mission

Small town bank

Main objective of this challenge is to rob a bank. Catalina is a robber by profession. Hence, you have to just assist her in robbing and then escape police.

Following things should be done so as to finish off.
  • Arrive at the Small town Bank in Palomino Creek.
  • Enter the bank along with Catalina.
  • Police surrounds the bank. So, steal the cash from 3 ATMS inside bank.
  • Escape through back door and protect her.
  • Kill all police officers who come in your way.
  • Escape on bike then and drop her home to complete the mission.
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You will fail if:
  • Carl Johnson dies during game play or Catalina dies.
  • Or Carl Johnson is arrested by the police inside the game.

Video Walkthrough


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