Local Liquor Store Mission

Local liquor Store mission is one of the 4 tasks by Catalina. We have discussed the details of Tanker Commander in previous article. Main objective of this is to steal money from robbers who rob a Liquor Store in Blueberry which is a place in game of GTA San Andreas.

Things which you have to do during Local Liquor Store are:

  • Start it from Catalina's House.
  • Arrive at the Store in Blueberry, Red County where you will see 4 robbers robbing the store.
  • Chase down the 3 robbers after 1 is killed by Catalina during the cutscene.
  • Kill all 3 robbers one by one and then collect the suitcase full of money.
  • Drop back Catalina to her house to finish.
In it you have to chase the 3 robbers you get a quad bike which is very wobbly and difficult to drive on roads. However, it's easy to drive off-roads. You can also chase robbers on a motor bike.

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I think you will not be able to complete the mission at first attempt as you have to follow a difficult route. So, play 2-3 times and once you get a idea about the route then you can easily complete the task. This walkthrough will help you irrespective of your gaming platform. Whether it be Xbox, PS2 or PC or Xbox 360, this is gonna help you!

Video Walkthrough


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