Green Sabre

After completing Reuniting the Families, The Green Sabre challenge of the fantastic san andreas game is unlocked. Here, you have got to save Sweet who has been overpowered by the Ballas during Gang fighting. Also, in The Green Sabre, the realities of Big Smoke and Ryder are revealed. It is shown that they are traitors to the Grove Street families and have been just pretending to be friend of Carl and Sweet Johnson throughout the game. They are allied with Ballas gang and Officer Frank tenpenny Tenpenny, enemies of Grove Street families.

In short, the GTA San Andreas walk through is given below: For PC, Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360

  • After completing reuniting the families mission, start from Sweet's house.
  • After cut scene, drive your car to the yellow blip marked on map to see Cesar Vialpando.
  • After knowing the reality of Smoke and Ryder, drive car back immediately to the Mulholland intersection before Sweet dies.
  • There fight with the Ballas and kill all Ballas gang members before they kill him (Carl's Brother).
  • Los Santos police arrives at the scene and arrests you all and now you complete all the Los Santos missions.

Video Walkthrough

Green Sabre Mission Details, Walkthrough, Storyline, Guide and Video Walkthrough for PC, Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360

Once you complete Reuniting the Families mission of GTA SA, go to Sweet house and walk into the red marker to start the challenge. There in the cut scene, he is talking with some gang members to destroy and eliminate the Ballas gang of GTA San Andreas completely at the Hollander intersection.

But Carl gets a call from Cesar Vialpando who tells him immediately to come and see something very very important. Carl decides to meet Sweet before going to Mulholland intersection. Carl finds Cesar sitting inside a car with tainted windows. He gets inside the car and is shocked to see that Ryder and Smoke are allied with Ballas Gang along with Police Officer Tenpenny. Also, he sees the Green Sabre car which was involved in killing mother of CArl Johnson. he's shocked!

Then Carl suddenly remembers that at Mulholland Intersection, his brother is fighting with ballas gang. he immediately gets there. Now you come in the picture. Drive as fast as you can before he dies and thereby you fail it.

After reaching in time, immediately kill all the rival gang members and protect Sweet. Ballas will call for extra backup. look out for additional enemies and once you kill them all, Los Santos police arrives at the spot and arrests you all.

Sweet Johnson is taken to police hospital for treatment and is awaiting trial. Frank Tenpenny takes Carl to a new area to unlock your country side missions.

To complete The Green Sabre, you have to:

  • Protect Sweet before he dies.
  • And protect yourself during fight with Ballas at Mulholland intersection.
  • After completing this challenge, you have now completed all the 23-25 missions of Los Santos areas.
  • You have unlocked the country side areas.
  • You have completed approximately 24%.


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