Reuniting the Families

During the GTA SA game, you unlock the Reuniting the Families mission after completing Los Sepulcros.  You can play this challenge only between time 09.00 - 17.00. For changing time, refer Change Time in GTA San Andreas. If you don't play the game using cheats then its better to get yourself some weapons as there is huge fighting involved with the police of Los Santos and the SWAT team.

To summarise the Reuniting the Families walkthrough, below are some points: For PC, Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360.
  • Start the from Sweet's house between 09.00-17.00.
  • Drive the car to Jefferson motel which will be marked on radar.
  • After police surrounds the motel, get inside the building to save Sweet. Kill all police and SWAT officers.
  • There protect him and back him up against the police.
  • Once you get inside Smokes car along with him, shoot and destroy the police vehicles which chases you to complete the mission.
  • For completing successfully Reuniting the families mission, you have unlocked The Green Sabre and also you earn respect.
Reuniting the Families Walkthrough, Guide and mission help in Detail: 

It is unlocked once you complete the Los Sepulcros mission. the RTF challenge starts with a cut scene in which sweet Johnson  brother of Carl Johnson, informs them (Big Smoke, Carl and Ryder) about a meeting which is going to take place at Jefferson Motel and in which representatives of different gangs are going to settle some disputes. Sweet says that he will go alone as only one person per gang is allowed for meeting.

Drive your car to Jefferson Motel which will be marked on your San Andreas map. No sooner you reach there than police and the SWAT officers surround the whole Motel. Smoke and Ryder escape but Carl is determined to save his brother. So, get inside the Motel and fight your way through the floors to find Sweet. His location will be shown on your map.

After getting him, protect him from attack of police officers. outside building, Smoke and Ryder reappear to help you escape. you and Sweet will sit in the car. now, the Los Santos Police Department chases you. So, with your gun shoot all the police vehicles which follow you before they destroy your car. My advice would be to shoot at the tires first!

Finally, after intense shooting, if your car survives then you pass.

Reuniting the Families Walkthrough Video Help:

You will fail if you:

  • Die.
  • Do not protect Sweet.
  • If Sweet dies.
  • are not able to protect your car from police attacks.
Useful Cheats:


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