Los Sepulcros

Los Sepulcros mission of GTA San Andreas game is unlocked only after completing Doberman. The main aim is to kill a Ballas gang member whose name is Kane. He is going to come at a funeral in the game. So, you have got to kill him in this GTA San Andreas  mission.Coming straight to the point, I summarize the whole  walkthrough in few points.

Los Sepulcros Walkthrough, Guide and Cheat help: For PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360

  • Head on to Sweet's House in Grove Street to start the challenge.
  • Recruit gang members, after the cutscene, by following instructions on your gaming screen.
  • Get inside the car and head on to the spot marked on radar in 4 minutes where Kane is going to arrive or else you fail this challenge.
  • Find out Kane inside the cemetery and kill him before he gets in a car to escape.
  • You gain 2 star wanted level. So, lower wanted level by using cheat or get to a Pay N Spray shop.
  • Then, drive Sweet back to home to complete the mission.
  • Completing Los Sepulcros earns you respect! Respect +
Hope, the above short walkthrough helps you.

Los Sepulcros Full Details with Storyline Wiki: For PC, Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360

Go to Sweet's house marked on game map to start it. There, Sweet informs you that Kane, a rival member from ballas gang, is going to arrive at a funeral. So, you've to dash in there at the funeral and kill him to complete it. That is all the whole plan. 

Now, after cut scene, you have to hire some gang members who are going to help you complete this challenge because there is group fighting involved. Follow on-screen instructions on your gaming screen to hire two gang members who stand outside your house.

Get inside the car which is kept outside your house along with Sweet and the two gang members. Drive the car at a location marked on game radar. Reach there withing 4 minutes or else you fail the Los Sepulcros. If you reach within time allotted then stop the car in red marker and jump the wall.

After jumping, a cut scene starts where Sweet Johnson asks you to look for Kane and kill him. So, you have been given the task for killing him. His position will be shown on your map. Find him and kill him. He will not easily die as he is wearing some armor. So, carry heavy weapon to kill him fast and easily.

Video Walkthrough

You will fail if you:
  • Do not reach at the funeral withing 4 minutes.
  • are not able to kill Kane.
  • Kane escapes.
  • are caught by Police.

Cheats for Los Sepulcros
If you love to play with cheats then this section is for you. You can activate below cheats without pausing the game.
  • Infinite Health Cheat and Maximum Health Cheat is really going to help you. If you're playing on PC then use PC cheat.Depending on the platform on which you're playing the game, use cheat accordingly.
  • Weapons Cheat is also going to help you.
  • Infinite Ammo Cheat is also useful.


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