Frank Tenpenny

Officer Frank Tenpenny is a police officer in the game of GTA San Andreas whose full name is Franklin Tenpenny.

From the start of game, the script of the game progresses through various missions in which there are cut scenes which altogether contain a story. Thus, the game has a storyline of which many characters are a part. There are some characters in game who appear in many missions and thus they can be termed as important or major characters. Among those major characters, there is police officer Frank Tenpenny.

Frank Tenpenny

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Ten-penny is one of the villains in the story-line of the game whose protagonist is Carl Johnson. He is a police officer or sergeant and he belongs to the  Los Santos Police Department. And the Los Santos Police Department is a part of the San Andreas Police Department. He is also the department head of the C.R.A.S.H team. Full-form of C.R.A.S.H is Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums. He is assisted by the police officers Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez who are also a part of  Los Santos Police Department and C.R.A.S.H team. Tenpenny has been voiced by Samuel Jackson.

Character of Frank Tenpenny:

He is the most corrupt cop in the police department. He is a selfish man who always looks for his own profit throughout the story of GTA SA. He does not mind whatever happens to his colleagues. For him, everything is money. In spite of being a police officer who has to bring an end to gang violence, he himself is involved in wars and is associated with gangs. He also deals in drugs along with Big Smoke, Ryder and the Ballas Gang. Officer Eddie Pulaski is also involved in this along with him.


Frank Tenpenny is involved with the Ballas gang in drugs dealing. He also helps the Ballas in various drugs businesses. Big Smoke and Ryder, who initially in the game pretend to be with Grove Street, are in fact involved in drug dealing with Ballas gang along with him.

He makes his entry in GTA San Andreas game during the start of game when Carl Johnson returns from Liberty City. He arrests Carl and falsely frames him for a murder of a Police Officer called Ralph Pendelbury. Though Carl is innocent, he doesn't care. Thus, if Carl wants himself to be safe then he should work for him.

Car used by Frank
Throughout the various missions, he makes his appearance many times. He gives many tasks to Carl Johnson of which the first is the Burning Desire and second is Gray Imports and there are other tasks as well.

He has many cases against him and is charged with corruption, drug dealings, narcotics, etc. But he is smart enough and gets all the witnesses against him killed. He has a great influence over the gangs of all territories. Also, he has many police officers under him who listen to his words.

During the 'High Noon' mission, he hits Officer Jimmy Hernandez with a shovel (tools used for digging) because he leaked the cruel doings of Tenpenny to the higher officials. And then, Pulaski kills Hernandez by shooting with a gun. Later in this mission, Carl Johnson kills Pulaski.

Death of Frank Tenpenny:

He dies during the 'End of the Line' mission of San Andreas. During it, when Carl kills Big Smoke, he appears and takes all the money and escapes on a fire truck. He is gonna escape the down by a plane. But Carl and his brother Sweet Johnson give him a chase. On his way to the plane on the fire truck, officer he loses control of the vehicle and meets with an accident. In the accident, the fire truck falls off a bridge onto another road. He is fatally injured and comes out of the fire truck.

He curses the police officers and those who did not understood him. Then he calls out for help but realizes that there is no one to help him. Finally, he succumbs to his injuries and falls on the ground and dies. During this, Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson, The Truth, Cesar Vialpando and Kendl appear. Carl checks whether he has died or not. Sweet tells Carl not to shoot at Tenpenny as he died because of traffic accident and thus no one is to be blamed. So, he dies because of the accident during the 'End of the Line'.

With death of the police officer, all challenges in the video game are complete and over.

List of missions given by Frank Tenpenny to Carl Johnson:

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