GTA San Andreas Jet Plane Cheat | Play Game for PC, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360 (Cheat Code, Play Game Hydra or Hydra Jet)

Let us look at the cheat codes of GTA San Andreas game for getting a jet plane or a hydra. Also, get the details regarding how to fly it while playing game. If you want to know about the instructions regarding how to fly hydra then click on link below.
Jet plane cheat for PC
  • If you are playing on PC, then it is JUMPJET.
Hydra or jet plane in GTA SA
While playing game if you think that you need a it then you can spawn or get it by entering the JUMPJET on your keyboard. Also, remember that you have to put the code without pausing the game. If you have put it correctly without pausing then you can see a message on top left-hand-side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". Now turn around and you will find a jet plane on ground. For getting in, you have to press ENTER button on your keyboard. And same for exiting you have to press ENTER button.

Size of jet plane is quite big when compared with other vehicles. So, you must have enough space around you while spawning it with JUMPJET. Thus, get in it only where there is space around you. If you are spawning hydra in crowded are then it will explode by colliding with obstacles. Also, if you manage to get inside the hydra in a crowded place then you will not be able to take-off.

Hydra or jet plane cheat for Xbox or Xbox 360:

No matter if you are playing on Xbox or 360. You still have the code to spawn your air vehicle.
  • For Xbox, it is is Y, Y, X, B, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, Down, Up. For 360, it is same.
You can enter the above cheat on joystick without pausing the game when you are playing. If you put it properly then you see a message on your gaming screen as "Cheat Activated". It means you have entered it correctly and look around for the hydra. It has been spawned. 

To get inside, you have to press Y button on your joystick. And similarly, for exiting the jet plane you have to press Y.

For PS2 (PlayStation 2)

Like Xbox and PC, the third popular platform for playing games is Playstation2 or PS2. If you're one of the gamers who play on PS2 then you have your PS2 cheat below.
  • Jet plane code for PS2 is Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up
Start and don't pause it. Then enter the above cheat on your PS2 joystick for spawning it. If you put it correctly then only you will get a jet pack or else you will get nothing. Also, when you enter it properly then you can see a message on your screen as "Cheat Activated". And then turn around to see your hydra.

How to enter? To get inside hydra press TRIANGLE  button on your joystick. Also, to exit, press the same button.

More Information:
After spawning the hydra, now the thing is to learn How to fly it?. Pleas learn that as we have that article on our!

Once you are into the jet and flying it, there sometimes is emergency in which you are required to exit it when in air and at a great height. So, if you are to jump from it then surely you will die. To save your life from a fall, Rockstar games have provided another feature in which you get a parachute. So, when you exit from any flying vehicle in air then you automatically get the parachute on your back. And thus, you can save yourself from dying.

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  2. his an awesome online game.. you can also learn neat tricks if you travel via private jet plane

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