Management Issues

Note: You can play this challenge of San Andreas game only between 12:00pm - 5:00pm of game time. This post has all the details of "Management Issues". How To Complete it? And many more questions you may be having. Let us see the answers.

Management Issues : Summary
Main aim here is to kidnap Madd Dogg's manager whose name is 'Scipio' and dump him off through a pier into the ocean surrounding Marina Beach. Once this mission starts, you need to steal Madd Dogg's manager's car whose driver is eating at one of the branches of 'Burger Shot' restaurant. Go and steal it before 10pm of game time. If the car gets damaged then repair it in the nearest 'Pay n Spray' shop. After that, drive the stolen car and park it in between other cars of Madd Dogg's manager. After this, you have drive to a Awards Ceremony. There Scipio (Madd Dogg's manager) comes and sit in the car along with a woman  and asks you to drop him to Madd Dogg's house. Now, you don't drop him but instead take him to the pier at Marina beach and there dump his car into the sea. But remember you need to escape the car at the last moment so that the car continues to fall into the sea off the pier and you're saved. Thus, you kill him and your "Management Issues" mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is complete. You gain respect!

Management Issues : Details (Wiki)
Scipio's car which is to be stolen
It is given to Carl Johnson, the main character, by OG Loc (aka Jeffrey Cross). It is unlocked only after completing the "Madd Dogg's Rhymes". This mission can be played from Burger Shot which is marked on map with icon "OG" indicating it is given to the protagonist CJ by OG Loc. It can be played only between 12:00pm-5:00pm. If you're not between this time frame then you can change your time by saving game.

Once it starts, you can see a cut scene in which CJ (Carl Johnson) enters a place where OG Loc works and he inquires about OG. He gets to know that OG has got promotion as Appliance Technician and he is cleaning fryers in the backside of shop. CJ goes there and finds Loc very angry. Carl Johnson gets to know that a man named Scipio is defaming Loc's name in Rap industry. Scipio has also blackballed Loc's name in the music arena. So, Loc wants Carl to kill Scipio.

Now you're into the game. Go to one of the shops of "Burger Shot" where Scipio's driver is eating. Take him out and then steal the car. If the car is damaged then repair it in the Pay n Spray shop. After this, take the car to a location which will be marked on your map and there park the car in between two other cars facing the same way as other cars are. After this, you will have to drive the car to a award ceremony where Scipio is being felicitated with award. While driving to Awards Ceremony, keep your car in between the other two cars and don't damage it. At the ceremony, Scipio will come and sit in your car. He will ask you to drive to Dogg's mansion. Carl tells him that he will now dump him in the ocean.

Thus, drive the car to a pier at Marina beach. Until this, all the security guards of Scipio will be informed of the kidnapping by you. They will chase you. Therefore, quickly drive to the pier and then dump the car into the sea. Remember, you need to get out of the car by pressing the ENTER button before letting the car go into the sea. If you don't then you will die and mission failed. If you jump out at right time then you pass the "Management Issues".


Cheats Useful in "Management Issues":
While playing this challenge, I think that no need of cheat arises. Also, remember that you can complete every task  without cheats. But some folks are happy playing with cheats.

Management Issues Video Walkthrough

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