Bike Cheat | How to get bike?

Are you looking for "What is the Bike Cheat" for PC, Xbox or Xbox 360 or PS2? or whatsoever.

To save your time: THERE IS NO BIKE CHEAT.  In this post, we mean 'motorbike' or 'motorcycle' when we say 'bike'. Thus, it is equal to motorbike = motorcycle. Please read below about how to get it.

How to get a bike in GTA San Andreas?

Tip No. 1: Now, comes the tip for getting it. As you read above, there is no cheat for it. Thus, the only way for getting it is to search for it. In short, roam on the road and look here and there. If you happen to spot it then immediately get it by pressing ENTER button on your keyboard. Now you can ride your two-wheeler.

To avoid further wandering in search of it, it is better to store it in your garage and then save your gave. Thus, next time when you restart your game then you have your automobile in your garage. This trick saves your time.

Tip No. 2: Another tip for you, which I use, is to steal automotives of police officers. Yes, this is the smartest way. So, how to steal it? You can call any poilce officer by raising your wanted level and  can raise wanted your wanted level by committing crimes. So, start killing people around you. When a police officer comes on motorcycle then kill him. Your wanted level will again increase and so use the AEZAKMI to zero you wanted level. Thus, you have it now. Store it in your garage so that you can use it further when you play the game next time.
Please note there is no code with which you can spawn yourself a motorbike in the game of Grand Theft Auto. This post is meant for those gamer who search the keyword "Motorcycle cheat" or "Motorbike cheat" on Google or any other search engine. There is none of that kind. It has also introduced the bicycle.

As we mentioned above, there is none of that kind. This is really a thing which even we don't like. Had there been any then it would have been awesome. Now you will ask that: "Why has named this post as if it tells there it is a cheat ?".

We would like to answer that we named this post like that so that a user will directly land on this page and hence, he/she will come to know the fact. Thus, gamer will save his time by avoiding further search on!

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