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I remember that in GTA Vice City we had to collect hidden packages. Similarly, we have those type of things in Grand Theft Auto SA . We have to spray over 100 tags. Just like we collected hidden packages in Vice City and similarly we have to spray tags. This spraying starts during the Tagging Up Turf in which you're informed about it. This is another side-challenge given to you apart from many other challenges (story missions, etc) of Grand Theft Auto SA.

GTA San Andreas TAGS

What is done during spraying is, Carl Johnson (you) paints Grove Street Family's graffiti over the graffiti of other rival gangs in the Los Santos. By spraying it, according to the story line, Carl Johnson (protagonist) announces his come back to rival gangs.

If you have question: How to get the paint or spraying can in the game? Then you can get the paint on the first floor of Carl Johnson's house which is located in Grove Street along with  Ryder's house and Sweet Johnson's house. Remember this house? This house was your first game saving point.

How to spray tags in the game?
===> To spray tags, get a paint from Johnson house and then go near the graffiti of other gang. Look at it and then press :LMB (Left Mouse Button) or button with which you fire. Keep LMB pressed until the tag is sprayed. And withing seconds, CJ will paint the tag of Grove Street on the tag of other Gangs of the game.

TAGS Location with Map: (Photo)
location of all 100 tags, map, spray, collectibles, guide

Click on the image to have a better and enlarged view.

For all the crazy gamer, I also happened to run into a video on Youtube and thus have shared that video. This video will also help you in finding all the 100 tags in the game which are spread over the streets of Los Santos. Below is the video in three parts in which Carl Johnson sprays all of them. Play games now with full advantage.

Tags Location, Guide, Walkthrough Video 

So, now play the game and with the help of the image and videos above, look for the tags and then after finding it, spray the tag of Grove Street Family over it.

Spraying Tags Reward:
You may now question that what is the reward for spraying all 100 tags? What we get for spraying all 100 tags in GTA San Andreas?
Answer: After completing spraying of all 100 tags, apart from respect gained, you get below weapons delivered to your Johnson's House in Grove Street:
  1. AK47
  2. Tec-9
  3. Sawed-Off ShotGun
  4. Molotov Cocktail
Thus, the reward for spraying tags is the delivery of above weapons to Carl Johnson's house in Ganton (Grove Street). Also, completing this side-mission of 'spraying tags' count towards the 100% completion.

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