Lose wanted level or get rid of stars

Let us see the answer of this question. There are maximum of six-star wanted level which you can gain while playing San Andreas. You get these stars only when you commit crimes!

GTA San Andreas
There are 4 ways to lose your wanted level. They are:
  1. With help of cheat.   (Cheat is AEZAKMI)
  2. Save your game at any saving time.
  3. Visit a Pay n Spray shop in a vehicle and get a paint job done.
  4. Look for BRIBE STARS here and there
1) The simplest and the coolest way  is to use cheat. 
It  is AEZAKMI. Now, remember some special things about it. After activating the  AEZAKMI, you will lose all your wanted levels immediately whether it be a 1-star or 2.  And you will never gain any wanted-level as long as it is activate.

So, if this cheat is activated then you can kill any number of policemen or cops. You can commit any crime while this AEZAKMI is active. So, CJ can do anything without fearing for cops or being arrested and thus BUSTED! And if you want to deactivate it then you have to enter it again in game. Once the cheat is deactivated, CJ (you) will gain attention if he commits crime or hits cops.

2. Second way for getting rid of cops or losing heat is to save your game at any of the saving point. You can find you saving points on your map by locating the icon which resembles a floppy disk. Enter your home or saving point and save your game to lose wanted levels. Also, after saving, the game time will advance by 6 game hours.

3. If you have some of them and cops are after you then you can get rid of them by taking a vehicle and visiting a Pay n Spray shop. There get a paint job done for $100 and within seconds you will lose. Thus, with a paint job at Pay n Spray shop anywhere, you can get rid of some stars.

Bribe star
4. Fourth way and last way of this post on San Andreas, is to look for bribe stars. You can find it usually behind buildings. Between trees,etc. they are rotating which are static at some height above the ground. Walk into the ir to reduce your attention level.

While playing, I could find only these 3 ways. If you all or anyone has any other idea of losing it in GTA SA then please do share with us in the comment box. Hope you do so!

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  1. You forgot one: changing clothes makes them dissapear too. It works the same as visiting the pay and spray: your stars start f;ashing and decrease eventually

  2. Thanks a lot ROY for bringing my attention!! See now what is the effect of your COMMENT! I'm adding your point into the post!!