Are You Going to San Fierro?

'Are you Going to San Fierro?' is a challenge give by 'The Truth' and it is unlocked after completing Farewell My Love.

Target of this challenge is to destroy weeds in Truth's farm and also to destroy a police chopper which follows his vehicle in the GTA San Andreas game. You have to burn the weeds using flame throwers, provided by him, and also eliminate the police chopper using a Rocket Launcher.

For successfully completing Are you Going to San Fierro?, here is a short walkthrough of that story mission:
  • Unlock  it by completing Farewell my Love.
  • Follow the TT icon on map to initiate the task.
  • During cut scene, you and Truth will hear sound of a Police chopper and so he asks you to help him burn the weeds.
  • Using flamethrower burn all the weeds marked by red blips on your game map.
  • Destroy a chopper using Rocket Launcher provided by Truth.
  • After this, drive his Mothership (a vehicle which he drives) to a garage in San Fierro area to complete 'Are you Going to San Fierro?'.
While destroying the weeds during this challenge of video game, protect yourself from the burning weeds. Otherwise, Carl will burn and die and thus fail this task.

You will earn some Respect for completing this challenge.
After this, you will complete all the countryside and thus unlock the new area. You can also purchase safe houses there.

Cheat Help:
Some cheats like Infinite health cheat and health cheat will help.

Video Walkthrough

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  1. im always feeling great when im entering san fierro: NO MORE SCARY WOODS!