Wu Zi Mu

You need a 4-wheeler vehicle to play this challenge. Objective of Wu Zi Mu Mission: It's objective is to win a race against other 3 competitors.

Wu Zi Mu Details

Here  you are introduced to a new character in game whose name is also "Wu Zi Mu" same as the name of the task given.
You have to win a race and come first to successfully complete. Also, there are other 3 competitors who are not much tough to beat. Below are highlights of the challenge:

  • Get yourself a 4 wheeler vehicle. It can be a car or a truck or a jeep.
  • Start by going to "CV" icon on your GTA SA map.
  • In cut scene, you meet Wu Zi Mu who introduces himself to you (Carl johnson).
  • Race starts with Wu Zi Mu also participating.
  • Drive slowly and control speed of your car to win the race. Don't make haste.
  • You win the race. Reward for this is $5000.
You will fail this mission if:
  • Your vehicle is destroyed.
  • Or you vehicle falls in water
  • You do not come first in race.
Other Details

It is given to protagonist Carl Johnson,, by Cesar Vialpando. It can be played from Red County. Once it is complete, it unlocks another challenge of GTA whose name is "Farewell, My Love". It is unlocked when you complete at least any of the 3 robbery tasks by Catalina.  Reward for it is $5000!

Video Walkthrough

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  1. You can use the cheat that blows the opponent's car when it touches you. This can save you time to come first.

    1. You're right! Thanks for a nice Trick on San Andreas!