King in Exile

King in Exile

This mission is unlocked only after completing previous challenge i.e. Body Harvest in GTA San Andreas. Strictly speaking, this is not at all a mission in which you have got some objective. Instead, this is only just a cut scene.

In cut scene during the King in Exile, you are able to meet again with Cesar Vialpando and Kenddl. Both have fled Los Santos on directions of Carl. During the cut scene, Cesar Vialpando says that he wants to get back home in Los Santos and kill all those who are involved in drug dealing business.

Carl and Cesar during  King in Exile

Carl and Kendl calm him down. Cesar replies and reminds him that Big Smoke is behind all this shit. But he is in no mood to accept that Big Smoke is responsible for all shit happening in Los Santos area. He thinks that this is because of C.R.A.S.H (frank Tenpenny).

Kendl asks him to go around and look what the truth is. He relents to Cesar and Kendl statements and plans to monitor the highway from San Fierro to Los Santos for any suspicious activity.

After this, Carl gets out of house and gets a call from Catalina who asks him to go for robbing.

With this, King in Exile challenge is complete.

Video Walkthrough

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