How To Drive or Use Forklift Vehicle?

In this post, you can learn to drive forklift and also its usage. 

Forklift is a  vehicle which is used to lift loads in some challenges of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. It's driving is pretty simple. Just like you drive a car, in same way you have to drive a it. If you don't know driving car in this game then please refer to this page. How To Drive a Car.

Special thing is that it has power-operated pronged platform which can be used to lift loads not only in some part of the game but also in day-to-day life. It's used in many manufacturing industries as well as fields.

While playing game, you have to operate it in "Robbing Uncle Sam" challenge given by Ryder. In this challenge you have to lift crates and put them in a vehicle with help of it.

Thus, drive it with help of ARROW buttons on your keypad. Use:

  • UP=         ↑   = Accelerate the forklift
  • DOWN=   ↓   = Decelerate or braking or reverse
  • LEFT=     ←  = Taking left turn
  • RIGHT=   →  = Taking right turn

Now, the main part is to use the pronged platform (or fork) for which this vehicle has been made.
While on PC, you can use your NUM8 button for lifting the fork and NUM2 for lowering the fork. And thus, if you want to lift a load then lower the fork so as to insert it under the load. After inserting it properly, lift the fork upwards and thus load will also be lifted upwards.

While playing the video game on PS2 (playstation), you have to move Right Analog Stick up and down to lift and lower the fork respectively. Thus, position the fork under a load and then you can easily lift it.

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