Just Business Mission

Just Business challenge of GTA San Andreas game involves killing of Russian Mafia gangsters by Carl Johnson (game player) and Big Smoke. It marks your first encounter with the Russian gangsters.

CJ taking cover behind wall
Just Business: Summary (WIKI)
Drive Big Smoke to Downtown which will be marked on mini-map. There he will enter into a building of Russian Mafia's. And then he can be heard screaming at Mafias. Enter the building and help him kill all the gangsters with your gun which you will be getting automatically in this mission. Make sure that Smoke's health bar doesn't becomes empty or else he will die and you fail the mission. After killing, he and Carl escape the building on bike but the Mafias don't leave you. They chase you in heavy numbers. Smoke will drive the bike and you (Carl Johnson) take care of shooting. Shoot out each and every Russian Mafia who chases you. You can see a health bar of bike as well. So, kill all very fast so that it is safe from enemies' bullets. After you and him escape far enough with your bike's health bar not empty then you pass the mission and gain some respect. Below, we have discussed the mission in great detail with cheats and tips and all advice needed for this mission.

It unlocks:

Walk through and Details:

You can unlock Just Business by completing the previous challenge  i.e. Wrong Side of The Tracks.

Start this challenge by walking into the red marker in front of the Big Smoke's house which is in Idlewood area of Los Santos. You can reach his house easily by following the "BS" icon on your mini-map. The cut scene starts with CJ (Carl Johnson, the protagonist) knocking the house. He calls him out from his garage.And he asks CJ for a ride to Downtown and CJ agrees.

You're back in game. Drive him to Downtown area marked on your mini-map and stop the car there in red marker to trigger a cut scene. In small scene which starts while playing Just Business, He tells CJ to come to help immediately if any sound is heard. And within seconds, CJ hears him hurling abuses inside the building and rushes inside. And again, you're back into the game.

You can see 8-10 Russian Mafia gangsters shooting intensely at Smoke who is covering himself behind a short wall. Now, cover your self and aim your gun at the Mafias and kill all of them with the gun which you get automatically in this mission. There is also an enemy on first floor shooting bullets at you. Don't forget to kill him otherwise he will suck your all blood with  mission incomplete and you landing in some hospital.

After killing all 8-10 gangsters, pick up their guns for increasing your ammo. Also, there is an armor kept behind a small wall in front of the door from which you entered. Get that armor as you must have already lost some blood.

CJ shooting at Mafias
Along with your, take care of Smoke's health bar as well because if he dies during Just Business, you will fail the mission. Follow him up to a door which will open outside the building where more Mafia will be there shooting at you and Smoke.

Again, aim properly and kill all of those so that he does not die. Once you kill all, a cut scene will start in which Smoke will hop onto a bike with you sitting on back of it. He will drive it and you have to take care of Russian Mafia who will chase you.

Shoot those Mafias who will be following on  bikes and cars. Here, you can notice that his health bar has been replaced with Bike's health bar. So, kill all mafias early so that they don't explode. If it explodes then you will not be able to complete this task.

Properly shoot all. Take aim precisely and kill all of the Mafias before the its health bar empties. After a long escape, when you all reach a point where no Mafia is seen, Smoke will split up with you and thus the it is complete and over. With Just Business mission, you have also completed all of the four mission given by Smoke in Los Santos. 


Cheats which will help you in "JUST BUSINESS":

If you're addicted to cheats then this section I specially for you. This ''JUST BUSINESS" challenge involves shooting bullets and facing bullets. So, it's quite clear that you need enough health. Cheat for health and armor(additional protection) of San Andreas will be useful and it is HESOYAM.
 Also, cheat for infinite health is also useful in this challenge and it is BAGUVIX or CAINEMVHZC.

NOTE: When you are on bike along with smoke shooting at the Mafias, then NEVER USE THE CHEAT FOR HEALTH. Otherwise, it will explode and you land in hospital. Also, there is no cheat with which you can have infinite health for it. If its health bar empties then you can't do anything.

Cheats for weapons and guns are also useful. Though you won't need guns as they will be provided automatically.

Cheat for infinite ammo is also useful and it is FULLCLIP.
While on back and taking care of shooting at the enemies, cheat for slower game play of GTA San Andreas helps you to aim properly and increase your accuracy. I, myself, used cheat for slowing game play for playing this mission. It helped! Cheat is SLOWITDOWN.

JUST BUSINESS Mission Video Walkthrough

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  1. hiya i kill the people but when i get to the bike it stops i do this on pc any help

  2. I think the game must not stop. You can restart the mission.

  3. i killed all the bikers but when it reached the car , i was enable to shoot and then, the blasted

  4. their is a truck comes from up and if smoke drives a littlebit more the bike is banged(sorry for bad english)

  5. how do i complete it

  6. hey, i killed all the mafias but when i get on the bike it stops, and nothing happens