Ryder Mission

In this mission is the entry of a new character of GTA San Andreas. He's Lance Ryder Wilson. Throughout the game he will be called RYDER. After the funeral, this mission marks the starting of optional mission. It means the mission which will start whenever you wish. You have the choice of starting the mission. For playing the Ryder mission, you have to follow the R blip on the radar.

Ryder is a close friend of Grove Street Family and is addicted to marijuana and always in cut scenes he can be seen smoking marijuana. After reaching the R blip on radar walk into the red marker to start the Ryder. Mission starts with cut scene. In cut scene, he and Carl Johnson (CJ) hug each other and after it he tells CJ that a pizza shop owner frequently removes their gang graffiti  from his walls.

He is angry and wants to teach a lesson to that pizza shop owner. CJ accompanies him to the shop. Before going to shop, you have to drive to a barber's shop and get a hair cut done.

Stop the car on red marker and get into the barber's shop. Into the shop again walk into the red marker and get a hair cut done. You will get a choices of hair styles. The costliest hair style in that list is the 'CORNROW' which costs $500 and you won't have that much money. So get a cheap hair cut done. Select anyone and get it done by pressing SPACE BAR.

After this Ryder meets you outside and asks you to eat something from the pizza shop which is in front of the barber's shop. And there comes the instruction that if you will not eat then you will loose weight and thus energy. And if you eat too much then you will become fat. Now walk into the pizza shop and then get in the red marker inside. Select a meal and after you finish eating a cut scene starts where he enters in between with his gun and says that he wants to raid the hsop. In between CJ says him to get of the shop.

Immediately the pizza guy takes out his gun and shoots at both but it misses Cj and they escape unhurt. you get into the car and then drive him back to Grove Street. the pizza guy will chase you. So you can kill him by hitting him with your car or you also have the option to escape. Better to escape back to Grove Street.

Drop Ryder at his house and then again a cut scene starts where he asks CJ to visit Sweet.

After completing:
Respect +

Now Sweet's mission will be unlocked!

Ryder Mission Video Walkthrough

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