Secrets, also called Easter Eggs, are widespread over the entire game. Many times we stumble upon it but don't  give it a second thought. Below we have jolted down Top Secrets from San Andreas. If you know about any thing else which is not below then you can submit it by using the Comment Form at the end of this article.

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Top 10 Secrets or Easter Eggs

1: You must have got wanted level hundreds of times and you lose it by either using cheats or any other methods. If you have wanted level then police start shooting you and thus you lose health. Do you know that if you engage in playing basketball (can be found near Johnson House) then you will not lose health if anyone attacks you.

2: During night time, look at the sky and you will discover a constellation resembling Rockstar Games' logo.

3: In chiliad challenge, you are prohibited from using any guns or rocket launchers to eliminate your competitors. If you use any of these then you will fail the chiliad challenge. How to win Chiliad Challenge? The trick is to use Grenade or bombs over your competitors and after their death you are left alone to win the competition.

4: Select any vehicle and aim your gun at the Tyre of the vehicle and start shooting continuously. Your weapon skills will improve quickly and you will easily reach Hit man Level without any cheats. This is the answer to most often question 'How to reach hitman level without cheats?'.

5: How to take your own picture? You can easily do this without any mods. Recruit a man into your gang and then switch to camera. Then approach near your recruited gang member and on screen instructions will appear which will guide you to take your own photo in GTA San Andreas.

Secret 6: With this sixth secret, you can store more than one car in your garage. By default, you can store only one car in GTA San Andreas garage. A simple trick will make you store two car. Take first car and park it half inside the garage and half outside. Gate will remain open and then take second car and park inside. Now, get outside and drive the first car as well inside. Thus, you have stored 2 cars in one garage.
Hope you understand now How to store two cars in a garage?

Secret 7: Can you think of any other way to get Hydra without a cheat? Stop thinking now. If you complete the game to 100% then a Hydra will be spawned at the Johnson house near Grove Street. This hydra will be available anytime you play.

8: You can increase as well as decrease the size of moon in GTA San Andreas. Take a sniper and aim at the moon during night time and then shoot. Moon size changes when you shoot at it.

No 9: Did you know the secret that you can lose stars or wanted level by just changing the clothes from your wardrobe? So, if you have cops after you in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas then go to any safe house and then change clothes to lose stars.

No 10: During game play, don't make CJ move even an inch and leave your game for 3-4 minutes. Then you will have the privilege of watching activities of people around you. Camera will randomly zoom in and zoom out to show what is going on around you.

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                                         By Peter Safdari
How to get to Liberty city in GTA sanandreas??lots of people are asking this. This is very easy. Go to the gym at los santos which is 2 blocks away from cjs house. Kill all of the people in there.Then type "rocketman"(without quotes". then go in front of the exit door and fly up. then you will be on the gym but under liberty city. In there everything is dark. SO you have to fly to the "N" mark as indicated on the radar. After some moments you will see a yellow mark, get in there and you are in liberty city. If this didnt work then you can go to and download a mod for liberty city.

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  1. Thanks Peter Safdari for submitting one of the secrets of GTA San Andreas

  2. exactly when do u reach the yellow marker that the door to liberty city

  3. i also know a secret on how to get a racing bike

    the secret is first go to to the idlewood gutter and then drive till the end of the gutter where many big cave type things are and then there is a small road that goes near a building . then come out and next to it is a drive-in complex. on the first floor the racing bike is there . but dont stay there for long,or enemies will come and kill u!