Toreno's Last Flight - Attack on Helicopter

In Toreno's Last Flight, you have to shoot down a helicopter using a RPG, Rocket Propelled Grenades. Once you damage it completely, you are finished and can proceed to next level.

As the story of GTA San Andreas goes, you have killed Jizzy in Ice Cold Killa, T Bone Mendez and Ryder in Pier 69 and now you are hunting for Mike Toreno. Toreno's Last Flight involves killing of your surviving target. After you finish it, you will think that you have killed him but later in successive missions, you will find that he is alive. Click here for all missions walkthrough.

Things to do:

To finish it, you have to execute below steps:
  1. Complete Pier 69 and start Toreno's Last Flight from Doherty Garage in San Fierro.
  2. After cut scene, visit place from where helicopter is to take off.
  3. Kill some guards there and helicopter takes off.
  4. Collect Rocket Launcher and follow it.
  5. Shoot it down to finish and unlock Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

Video Walk through

Toreno Last Flight Details Full

Carl has started to kill those people who are involved in illegal businesses related to malicious substances. And as the game progresses, you will find that in every missions he talks about freeing San Andreas from gangsters and illegal substances. Also, he wants to eliminate those people who are involved in dealing of these substances.

And hence, he kills Jizzy, Ryder and Bone. Now, he is looking for Mike Toreno. And in this task, he comes to know that Mike is leaving San Fierro with some products. Woozie gives this important info and hence Carl sets out to stop Mike. This begins the mission Toreno's Last Flight.

You have to then visit the location where your target is preparing to leave. Reach there and kill his guards. As it is shown in GTA San Andreas, the target escapes in the helicopter. Collect the RPG from there and follow it. Come on the freeway (highway-bridge) and then stand in a position to take aim. Take the aim accurately and shoot on the helicopter.

After few shots, it will come down and you will finish. Also, you will free next one named 'Yay Ka Boom Boom'.


You get money equal to $1800 and also an increase in respect levels.

Other part of story:

After this, you will think that you have killed your target. But later on, it is found that he is alive. In fact, he was not inside when you shot it. And he goes on to become your friend in later tasks of the game. It is revealed that he is a government officer and he is in disguise.

CJ does not believe this. But as the game progresses, he makes Mike one of his allies to free San Andreas from corruption.

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  1. Please help me. I have finished "Toreno's Last Flight" and after that I saved the game and I cannot play the mission "Yay Ka boom-boom".