Burglary Van Location

For doing a Burglary , you need a van which is called 'Black Boxville' in the game. Without this van, you can't perform it  in San Andreas.

This Van can be found in Los Santos and San Fierro.
  • In Los Santos area, you will find the robbery van parked across the street to the South from the gym. It's about half way in the first garden, in front of the house. 
  • You'll also find a Boxville Van (called 'robbery van') parked in an alleyway just in front of the Driving School in San Fierro. From the doorway of the driving school head North and navigate your way through the alley until you see the Boxville.
After you get the Burglary van, enter in the Van and then perform Burglary in the game. You can get enough cash if you play this sub-missions.

Burglay Van Location Video

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