How to defend a Territory?

In the GTA San Andreas game, there are territories owned by Carl Johnson's gang called 'Grove Street Gang'. What happens after you own one is, you have to defend that  from enemy attacks.

If you don't defend it from enemy then you will lose out that place.

How to know when the territory is attacked?

Answer: Whenever your area is attacked by an enemy gang, then that particular area flashes red. Also, you will see a flag on radar. You will get a message on screen that "your territory is in danger".

How to defend territory?

Answer: Ideally, you have to defend your area by going there and fighting with the enemy. But if you don't want to get there then you can save it by "Saving your video game" or "by dying' or "By starting sub-missions like Taxi Missions". To save your area:
  • Save your video game at nearest saving point.
  • Kill yourself (I mean Carl Johnson).
  • Start sub-missions like 'Taxi missions', 'Vigilante Missions' (Police missions), 'Ambulance Missions', etc.
This way you can save your area under attack without fighting with the enemy.

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  1. That's kinda cheating. I prefer shooting them with Hunter the chopper OR the Hydra-Hornet-plane. Of course, with those weapons that you have not achieved Hitman-level yet, are suggested to be used. I admit they're weaker / slower / slower to re-load, but you get XP quite fast as Ballas will attack A LOT to your areas.

    1. You gave another alternative for saving a territory from attack! The ways which are listed above are pretty unconventional and they can save your time in the game! I know its a kind of cheating! But you may be knowing how awesome San Andreas becomes with cheats! :)